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Exam Option & Procedure

Examination is a test that shows a student's knowledge or ability in a particular subject.

DIBMS conducts the exam in a unique methodology that helps students to write the best answers based on case studies and personal experiences.

The advantage of Case study exams is that it allows students to demonstrate their practical understanding of the course topic rather than requiring them to memorize information.

Case Study focuses on testing a student’s skill development instead of purely theoretical knowledge.

They are particularly useful when testing a student’s ability to solve the sort of problems they would encounter if employed in their field.

Students are required to submit their answer sheets within the prescribed time limit to the institute.

Students can also opt to appear for a three hour classroom examination pattern/option. These exams are conducted at various DIBMS study centers. The students should intimate the preference for this option at the time of registration.

Grading System
Score Grade
74.51% and Above A+
64.51% to 74.50% A
54.51% to 64.50% B
49.51% to 54.50% C
45.49% to 49.50% Pass Class
44% Below Fail

Results shall be declared within 30 working days from the submission of the answer sheet. Marksheet and Certificate will be issued together within 30 working days from the date of declaration of final result of the entire course.